National State LocalA map of nations of Europe, exactly where the ideal of the “nation-state” arose. Increasingly, states are willing to accept regional-level government like the European Union for numerous government functions like making money and regulation of commerce and trade. The dispersed duty for operating elections also tends to make it extremely challenging, if not not possible, to rig U.S. elections at the national level. Two states—Alaska and Utah—have an elected lieutenant governor as the chief election official.

17 In New England, towns are a principal kind of nearby municipal government, offering numerous of the functions of counties in other states. The modern day nation-state is bigger and much more populous than the “city-states” of ancient Greece or Medieval Europe. Pittsburgh and Scranton are the state’s only Class 2 and Class 2A cities respectively, and have mayors with some veto power, but are otherwise nevertheless governed mostly by their city councils.

This signifies that both the national tips and government have to be able to change and adapt to new situations, such as new developments in science and technology, financial conditions, new concepts, and demographic changes such as immigration. Improvements in HPV vaccination coverage are vital to lowering prices of HPV-attributable cancers in the United States.

Council Administrator method is another method of County government, council members are elected and in turn, appoint an Administrator, the Administrator serves at the behest of the council and might be removed by Council members. It also holds authorities in regional jurisdictions accountable for the management of their personal elections, so if some thing goes wrong citizens can go straight to their neighborhood government rather than blame issues on the distant federal government.

The only truly national election is for the presidency of the United States, which is also our only main indirect election, in which the men and women don’t vote for their president as an alternative, the president is selected by a representative body referred to as the Electoral College. Table 1 contains details on the title, methods of selection, and appointing authorities for chief election officials in all 50 states.