Ceremony for the 2022 Employer Branding Creativity Awards Just Took Place in Shanghai

Winners of 16 Awards Have Announced

SHANGHAI, Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 Employer Branding Creativity Awards received over a six-month period with 1,603 creative entries from 534 domestic firms and foreign companies operating in China, including Mercedes-Benz, ITG, Tencent,IKEA, PERFECT WORLD,Starbucks, PwC, VOLVO, and so on. The event, divided into four phases, initiation, registration, evaluation and selection of winners, was launched in May every year by Employer Branding Institute, a global networking and learning platform for HR professionals to share insights and industry best practices among peers.

Following a strict evaluation process based on four general metrics, content management, creative design, communications strategy and user experience, in addition to one metric specific to each company, 61 companies with 107 creative entries were selected to become the winners of 16 awards in three categories for their outstanding leadership and achievements in terms of employer branding. 6 companies have won the “Employer Branding Award 6th Year Winner” award.

These winners become leading companies with their continually influence and achievements in Employer Branding. At the same time, Bytedance has won the “5-Year Benchmarking Enterprises Award”by its highest score at Employer Branding Measurement tools, created by a Talent and Employer Branding Institute.

Employer branding pioneer Richard Mosley, global famous employer branding professionals Ali Ayaz, global leader in data modeling for employer Barbara Zych, WINGs founder Ocean Fu, Bloomberg Businessweek China executive chief editor Steven Fan, Mercer global partner and China general manager Steven Yu, Havas China managing director & chief creative officer Ben Sun and Emlyon Business School global HR & Organization Innovation Center co-director Anson Tang were invited to join the judger team.

The Dean of Employer Branding Institute and Founder of WINGs Ms. Ocean Fu said, “This is the sixth year of the employer branding creativity award, and we have been very pleased to see that more and more companies begin to pay attention to build their employer brands and have made great achievements both internally and externally. The core of a company’s competition is the competition of talents and long-termist, which also means that the company’s employer brand building must be combined with their business strategy to meet the multi-dimensional requirements of environmental protection, social value, and corporate governance. New trends such as digital transformation and Metaverse, have also brought new challenges to build the employer brand. Of course, this also brings new opportunities for employer branding professionals. I hope that we can work together and take advantage of the situation.”

These awards recognize the top-level creative employer brands. As one of the most authoritative and trusted events in the industry, the 2022 Employer Branding Creativity Awards showed Chinese companies the power of employer branding and helped expand the visibility of best employers while promoting the award winners. We look forward to more excellent employers to participate in the future and jointly show the powerful power of employer brand to the Chinese workplace!

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