How tech innovations like AI and AR/VR will change advertising in 2023

Sauer forecasts that the headline at the end of 2023 won’t be about the introduction of new immersive technologies, but about the story of the continued work of the thought leaders in the space, with the rest of the industry playing catch-up.

The ROI of AI (and other tech)

For many agencies, despite operating during trying economic times, the cost of not investing in new technology is greater than the price of adoption.

Piero Pavone
Julia Linehan,
The Digital Voice

“With many recruitment budgets slashed, IT budgets don’t always go the same way because the cost of delaying technology implementations can be greater than the cost of investment,” said Julia Linehan, CEO and founder of The Digital Voice. “AI, for instance, has come on in leaps and bounds and can reduce manual process and budget waste. Meanwhile, disruptive programmatic ad buying is helping to open the doors to premium advertising for all

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