National, local groups launch hotlines, track incidents and raise awareness

Definitions of hate vary widely

What is a hate crime? Depends on who you ask.

In August 2020, a man approached Hong Lee as she waited for tacos in a Los Angeles restaurant. The man asked her to have lunch with him. After Lee – a wedding ring on her finger – declined the offer, the man told her to go back to Asia, using racial slurs and other derogatory terms.

In a panic, Lee hit the record button on her phone, then did what most Americans do when feeling endangered: She called 911.

A police officer arrived, watched the video and told Lee the man didn’t break any laws. There was nothing they could do. Under the First Amendment, the man had the right to say those words.

Soon after, Lee began to speak out. She posted the video on social media, and it went viral, earning more than

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