This Year Was Big For Housing in SF. Next Year Will Be Bigger


This year was a big one for housing in San Francisco—and the entire Bay Area—as city and state leaders tackled that perennially consequential issue.

As a state deadline looms, the city made considerable headway in demonstrating a path toward constructing 82,000 new homes over the next decade. But penalties for lackluster progress on policy reform and a coming economic slowdown threaten to destroy it all, setting the stage for a 2023 that will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Here’s Where We’ve Been

Technically, it was late 2021 when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors rejected a planned housing development at 469 Stevenson St., a project that would have created nearly 500 units. But the move ignited outrage and even a lawsuit that would last through all of 2022, inspiring some key victories for the YIMBY camp this year.

The biggest of those wins last year was state law

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