Deadline nears to correct Colorado’s terrible broadband service map

Barry Goldberg, who lives in Bayfield, jumped at the opportunity to tell the federal government how terribly slow his internet was, at 10 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up. But after searching for his home address on the new preliminary national broadband map, his southwestern Colorado neighborhood didn’t even show up. Instead, a virtual pin stuck in an empty gray area showed “No location data.” 

Other Colorado residents shared their confusion with challenging the map devised by the Federal Communications Commission because it showed some technologies that weren’t actually available, providers who denied them service or services that were just too expensive for their budgets. One man said the site didn’t recognize his email so he couldn’t challenge the accuracy of the map.

According to the preliminary national broadband map, Colorado is well served with high-speed internet service. If you disagree, you can challenge your home’s service at (Screenshot)


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