Are they legal? New Year’s Eve, exemptions explained

The new year is approaching and backyard pyrotechnicians are getting ready to start blowing stuff up, patriotically. Depending on your neighborhood, they may have started already.

But is it legal?

Sometimes. Noisy or projectile fireworks are illegal in Florida apart from an exemption I’ll mention later. But a 2020 Florida law established three fireworks “holidays” when they are allowed: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Independence Day. So if you fire off your “Hammer of Thunder” megabox from your driveway Saturday or Sunday night, you’re fine as far as the state is concerned.

But what does Florida consider a legal firework? And what about the rest of the year? Here’s what you need to know about staying legal and safe with fireworks this New Year’s holiday.

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How does Florida define

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