Is Metaverse the Future for Business?

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The term “metaverse” has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last two years. Thousands of projects and companies have sprung up with their own take on these virtual environments. And with so many different interpretations, the definition of what a “metaverse” actually is seems to depend on who’s asked.

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But one thing seems certain, the metaverse has the potential to disrupt a number of different industries and settings. But does it have the power to shake up the business landscape?

Recent interviews with Zvika Krieger, (former) Director of Responsible Innovation (Meta), Venura Perera, Director for Innovation and Development (Allianz Personal, UK), and Erin Pryor, Executive VP (First Horizon Bank) offered valuable insight on the subject.

Let’s start by exploring exactly what draws people into the metaverse. Mr.

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