How 3 decades of Deri’s legal troubles now see Israeli judicial independence at risk

Israeli politics were thrown into turmoil on Wednesday when Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled that Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, the leader of Shas, could not remain in his post after he’d become embroiled in a corruption scandal.

But the Wednesday in question wasn’t this past one. As fans of Israeli legal history will know, it was a Wednesday 29 years ago, on September 8, 1993.

The two rulings, this week’s and the one issued in 1993, bookend a three-decade clash over the powers of the High Court and its place in the Israeli system of government, a clash that Deri’s allies hope to bring to a clear conclusion in their favor.

The two trials are linked by the same individual, the same government post, the same overarching ethical issue. But they are also different in ways that help clarify why so many legal scholars, including outspoken critics of the

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Israeli immigration records dating back to 1919 now accessible online

JTA — The genealogy website MyHeritage posted 1.7 million Israeli immigration records online this week, making accessible a trove of ship and plane passenger lists stored in bound tomes at the Israel State Archives.

The records cover arrivals to the country for about 60 years starting in 1919. They include details such as the name of immigrants, country of origin, birth year, date of arrival, destination city and the name of the vessel they arrived on.

MyHeritage is billing the records as the Israeli version of the Ellis Island database, and historians and genealogists have endorsed this view, calling the release a major moment for the field.

“The amount of information now available, and for free, is huge,” said Garri Regev, president of the Israel Genealogy Research Association.

The records are not just for experts; anyone interested in looking for details about the immigration of their relatives or others can

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