A pregnant mom crossed the Rio Grande decades ago to give her unborn child a better life. Now her daughter is becoming a member of Congress


Delia Ramirez walks toward the microphone determined to make her message heard.

“It is time – it is past time that we deliver on the promise that we have made to our Dreamers,” she says.

On a crisp morning in early December, Ramirez is standing steps away from the US Capitol, with its white dome gleaming against the blue sky behind her. This is a rallying cry we’ve heard here time and again – but Ramirez hopes when she says it, the words will carry even more weight. This isn’t merely a talking point from her campaign platform.

“This,” the Illinois lawmaker says, “is very personal for me.”

It’s personal because if Congress doesn’t act, Ramirez’s husband could be among hundreds of thousands of people facing possible deportation. And it’s personal because Ramirez herself is about to become a member of Congress.

She’s called this news conference,

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