Should You Work Multiple Remote Jobs at Once? | On Careers

About 79% of remote or hybrid employees are working two jobs at once, according to recent findings from a Resume Builder survey of 1,250 full-time remote workers in the U.S.

(Thomas Barwick/Getty Images)

The growing trend of working two remote jobs has become so popular that it has even inspired a website called “Overemployed,” which is “a community of professionals looking to work two remote jobs, earn extra income, and achieve financial freedom.” The site features blog posts on topics like avoiding lifestyle creep when making $600,000 a year, and understanding how background checks work for multiple employment.

But what are the implications of being overemployed as a remote worker? Is working two full-time jobs the same thing as working two remote jobs? Is it ethical, or even legal? And what are the tax implications of such an arrangement? Read on to learn about how working two remote jobs can

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