An Ohio woman chased down an identity thief. Now the hunt is back on

As Zina Wilson sat in front of her computer in her suburban Ohio home last year, she decided: You have ripped off the wrong family.

Wilson, 51, was fed up with her niece receiving eviction notices for apartments in Las Vegas she had never rented, about receiving notices from collection agencies for Wi-Fi in cities where she had never lived.

She would fight back in the online world, where she soon learned nothing can be trusted as real. Her search led her to gangs and criminals. Fearing for her safety, she agreed to tell her tale under one of the nom de plumes she used in her online research.

A suburban Ohio woman launched her own online investigation to help her niece who fell victim to an alleged scammer based in Las Vegas. Her sleuthing led to the arrest in September of Lashawnda Scales, 29, who is accused of 33
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