A Local Company Finds that Virginia is Open for International Business

By Doug Barry

If you work around hazardous chemicals, there are badges that you’ll want to wear because they will save your life. The very smart badges are made by Morphix Technologies, a small company in Virginia Beach, VA, and they have big sales in China, Europe, and elsewhere. 

Kimberly Chapman, vice president of sales and marketing, is one of the employee-owners. She’s been on the job since 1993, when the original owner and maker of air sampling pumps got sick and decided to sell after thriving during a long period of action on asbestos detection and remediation.  

“The new company owners were going to shut the business down, because they weren’t making money yet,” recalled Chapman. “Five of us employees bought the company from the new owner so it wouldn’t be shut down.” 

“If US-China trade shuts off or is substantially reduced, that would be very

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