Talisman Casualty Insurance Company LLC Is Providing Program Business Solutions to Several Industries

Carson City, Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Carson City, Nevada –

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company LLC

, a protected cell captive insurance company domiciled in Nevada, is inviting small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprise owners and professionals to find out more about its program business solutions.

A “program business” is an insurance industry term for self-insurance that meets certain criteria. The businesses within these groups are associated with each other based on the kind of risk they are exposed to in their chosen industry. For example, emergency services companies, general contractors, consumer car services companies, and even certain types of medical services providers are good candidates to be pooled together and offered program business solutions tailored to their needs.

The spokesperson for Talisman Casualty Insurance Company talks about the need for the program business insurance structure in the modern US economy by saying, “Americans have always shown an indomitable spirit

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RI affordable housing could get a boost with United Way program

Rhode Island’s next housing secretary — whomever that ends up being — will take over with state housing policy in flux.

The affordable housing program, that since 1991 has told Rhode Island cities and towns that at least 10% of their homes should have subsidies and income restrictions, could face its biggest rewrite ever this year.

Even in the seven communities that have hit that target, housing seems unaffordable for many residents and a legislative commission that has been debating changes to the law — called the Low and Moderate Income Housing Act — is expected to make a series of recommendations this fall.

How might Rhode Island increase its affordable housing stock?

Those recommendations could include a set of proposals from the United Way of Rhode Island, which wants to greatly expand the incentives for developers to build apartments to rent at below market rate.

That includes letting developers

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