Marketing, Security Teams Must Ally To Purge Copycat Websites

Copycat websites increasingly surface on the web stealing customers’ cash and damaging e-tailers’ branding and trustworthy reputations. Until now, most brands tolerated the threat but seemed powerless to prevent it; that scenario may be starting to change.

Digital perpetrators offer bogus sales on products and services to get consumers to place orders on fake online brand websites. Victims provide payment details but never receive the merchandise. These scam sites look almost identical to real business websites, making them hard to spot.

To combat this e-commerce thievery, some cybersecurity experts suggest that businesses and marketing officials get proactive solutions to find and remove fake websites. Additionally, by creating social media accounts on all social platforms, marketing teams can protect their brands’ image, whether the account is being actively used or not for marketing.

Marketers are tasked with building customer relationships and trust to get customers to be loyal and transact with

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