Republican House will vote on bills to curtail abortion and immigration

WASHINGTON — The new Republican-led House plans to pass a series of bills in the coming days to impose abortion limits and curtail immigration as part of an opening legislative salvo that sets up a confrontation with the Democratic-led Senate and highlights a political contrast ahead of the 2024 election.

Among the seven bills that were assured speedy votes in the rules package passed this week is one that would empower the Homeland Security secretary to block entry for migrants at “his discretion” as necessary to “achieve operational control” over the border. Another would require the background check system to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement if a person in the U.S. unlawfully seeks to buy a gun. Two would curtail abortion with new prohibitions on federal funding for the procedure and new regulations about how health care practitioners attend infants born alive after abortions.

The “born alive” bill is expected

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