New Jersey marketing events group seeking interest in adding second men’s college hockey postseason national tournament – College Hockey

Denver and Minnesota State battle in the 2022 national championship game at Boston’s TD Garden (photo: Jim Rosvold).

March Madness for men’s Division I college hockey could look a little bit like college basketball in the very near future.

The Gazelle Group, a sports marketing and events company in New Jersey, has distributed memorandums to each of the men’s college hockey coaches to gauge interest in the establishment of a second postseason national tournament, the “College Hockey Playoff” or CFP.

The event would be run similar to another grassroots postseason tournament that Gazelle Group created in men’s basketball, the College Basketball Invitational, or CBI.

According to Gazelle Group president Rick Giles, the event is currently in the exploratory stages but if enough schools not only display interest but also a willingness to host each round of the tournament, things could ramp up quick enough for the inaugural event to take

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