America’s Trumpiest court says domestic abusers have a right to own a gun, in United States v. Rahimi

A panel of judges on an exceedingly reactionary federal appeals court ruled on Thursday that the federal law prohibiting individuals from “possessing a firearm while under a domestic violence restraining order” is unconstitutional.

Under Judge Cory Wilson’s opinion in United States v. Rahimi, people with a history of violent abuse of their romantic partners or the partners’ children now have a Second Amendment right to own a gun, even if a court has determined that they are “a credible threat to the physical safety of such intimate partner or child.”

The immediate impact of this decision is that Zackey Rahimi, who “was subject to an agreed civil protective order entered February 5, 2020, by a Texas state court after Rahimi’s alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend,” may not be convicted of violating the federal ban on gun possession by domestic abusers.

More broadly, because the decision was handed down by

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RI affordable housing could get a boost with United Way program

Rhode Island’s next housing secretary — whomever that ends up being — will take over with state housing policy in flux.

The affordable housing program, that since 1991 has told Rhode Island cities and towns that at least 10% of their homes should have subsidies and income restrictions, could face its biggest rewrite ever this year.

Even in the seven communities that have hit that target, housing seems unaffordable for many residents and a legislative commission that has been debating changes to the law — called the Low and Moderate Income Housing Act — is expected to make a series of recommendations this fall.

How might Rhode Island increase its affordable housing stock?

Those recommendations could include a set of proposals from the United Way of Rhode Island, which wants to greatly expand the incentives for developers to build apartments to rent at below market rate.

That includes letting developers

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