Amazon provides “make goods” to advertisers for viewership shortfall

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In the TV business, the term “make good” is a bad thing.

Networks often must “make good” with an advertiser when a show for which ads were purchased underdelivers. And the “make good” typically consists of the network providing free advertising elsewhere.

Via Michael McCarthy of, Amazon has issued “make goods” for advertisers who purchased time during Thursday Night Football broadcasts.

Amazon had told advertisers before the 2022 season began that it expected to average 12.5 million viewers per game for the TNF package. Amazon claims it had 11.3 million viewers. Nielsen, hired by Amazon to legitimize and normalize the figures, calculated 9.6 million average viewers per game.

Amazon’s prediction always seemed overly optimistic, as if Amazon were trying to speak the projection into existence. Or to make people think they’d be missing out if they didn’t buy Amazon Prime.

In 2021, all Thursday night broadcasts (including

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