Want to know what you’re worth? 2023 marketing pay revealed

As the UK grapples with a cost of living crisis, which sectors are offering the highest salaries for marketing talent? The Career and Salary Survey examines the state of pay in 2023.

Which are the best paid sectors in marketing? Are you being underpaid? What salary should you expect on the next step up the career ladder?

Hoping to answer all these questions and more, the 2023 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey offers an in-depth analysis of marketing pay across 24 different sectors and a variety of seniorities.

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Texas attorney general says Biden’s new immigration plan may not be legal: ‘you’re not king’

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is questioning the legality of Biden’s new immigration policy as the president visits the border for the first time in his presidency. 

“We have checks and balances. Each branch has its own power. The states have their own power,” Paxton tells Fox Digital. “It’s his own law, his own rules. And he doesn’t run it through Congress.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton campaigns in Gilmer, Texas on May 19, 2022
(Ken Paxton campaign)

After months of urging from Republican lawmakers and border communities, Biden is visiting one of the centers of the border crisis in El Paso, Texas. 

In El Paso, CBP agents have been overwhelmed: migrants are sleeping on streets outside the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, new processing centers have been erected to home thousands of new people crossing daily, and officials are even placing barred wire along the Rio Grande to keep people

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