The most shocking advertising fails of 2022

The past year has seen plenty of clever, inspiring and creative advertising campaigns. For those, there are awards ceremonies. But as 2022 comes to a close, let’s also take a moment to recall what we can learn from the the campaigns that got things wrong – in some cases very wrong.

Whether it’s a small oversight like a poster or a social media handle that somehow missed a final proofreading to a whole marketing concept that should never been approved, 2022 saw its fair share of blunders. For advertising done right, see our pick of the best print adverts ever. In the meantime, these are the worst advertising fails of 2022.

Burger King Australia’s Pride Whopper

Burger King 'Pride Whoppers' with two top buns and two bottom buns, on multi-coloured background

Someone though this was a representation of equality (Image credit: Burger King Austria)

It’s great to see brands supporting diversity, but Burger King Australia got things many shades of wrong with this bizarre attempt to show its support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Really, we still don’t understand how anyone thought this was OK.